Marketing Department

Advance Medical is reliable to create creative marketing for every brand in its portfolio. Advance Medical Marketing team represented in Marketing manager, creative graphic designers, digital marketing experts and copywriters That offer wide range of Activities for brands in advance medical portfolio.

Meet Our Team

Advance Medical Marketing Team stands for All 360 Marketing Solution, B2B, B2C, B2B2C through working on:

  • Social media marketing (strong social media profile for Advance Medical and our brands)
  • Digital marketing
  • Conferences Sponsor in national or international Aesthetic conferences either with Advance medical itself or in collaboration of our partners.
  • workshops, Advance Medical have selected highly professional trainers &Speakers with different nationalities all over middle East
  • Outdoor and indoor marketing
  • PR (communication and education of both the doctor and the patient)
  • TV shows through Selected Programs All over The Middle East channels.
  • In the clinics marketing (workshops, Events, Advertising tools)
  • Tailor-made and creative marketing materials
  • creating creative marketing campaigns targeting selected customers.